Sounds Dandgerous FAQ For ARTISTS

How Do I become a Sounds Dangerous Artist?

The first step is to click the 'Sign Up' tab on the Sounds Dangerous home page. Then click "Sign up as an Artist" and fill out the required fields of info. Read the membership agreement... and if you understand and are happy to proceed... Click "Next Step". You will then see a pop-up window declaring

"Thank you for signing up as a Sounds Dangerous ARTIST.
You will shortly receive a confirmation email requiring you to click the link for your membership email to be verified."

If you are who you say you are then click on the URL inside that email and go to the next sign up page. Then you can tell us a bit more about yourself and upload your best 'audition' mp3's.

Once I am approved as an Artist what happens next?

Once you have been approved you will be offered an Artist agreement and if you agree to the terms you will be granted full Artist access to the SD website. We will provide you with a sophistaced set of web-tools to tag, upload and manage your song catalog. It is the kind of service normally associated with the major labels. Think of it as Dropbox meets meets Bandcamp. You'll like it.

Why would my music not be approved?

Our desire for the SD catalog is to carry authentic expressions of music and songs from people who love writing and making original music... and if you think that's you... then give it a shot.

However, the site's primary avenues of business are the licensing of music and the writing and production of original music and sound design for the film, television, game, advertising and corporate event markets. And so we are listening to your music with the ears of our clients. If we don't hear a match for our market we will probably say no (for now).

If we do reject you for the reasons above we are not neccesarily giving you or your music the thumbs down. We appreciate that whatever decision is made it will be subjective.

What if I am in a band? Do we all have to sign the agreement?

We love working with bands, co-writers/proders, labels and so on. However our sign up process only requires one person per Artist agreement. All correspondance, including updates, client or fan interest and or any payment will be directed towards the original person who signs. So, if you have a band/label, duo etc, then you need to grant 'one of you' the authority to sign up on your behalf and then manage your artist membership, music catalog and any digital sales and or licesning revenues.

We do however allow multiple writers to be added to the Artist's profile (once you have signed up). This allows for the correct writer/publisher info to be attached to each song or track.

What kind of Artist deals do you have on offer?

We offer an all in one (licesning & direct to fan sales) agreement which includes:

  • Licensing Music to Clients: Dangerous Distribution licenses your music catalog (or the tracks you upload) to Clients. You receive 50% of all license income.
  • Direct sales to Fans: You the Artist can set your own price per song, music track or song chart. You receive 80% of all download sales.

Note on Publishing: Dangerous Distribution does not administer and or participate in Artist's publishing. Artist receives 100% of back end royalties.

Once you sign up you will be able to manage your catalog in terms of assigning each song or track to a) Clients only (e.g. Licencing) b) Fans Only (Digital downloads)... and or you can Select "All" so that your music is included in every marketing and distribution opportunity.

We also function as a producer on many of our client's productions and may from time to time call upon your specific production skill or service. We do this on a project-by-project basis and will contact you if and when your specific service, notoriety and or 'price point' matches our client's production needs.

Why are the Artist agreements with Dangerous Distribution and not Sounds Dangerous?

While Sounds Dangerous is our brand and web destination our 'business arm' if you will is Dangerous Distribution (LLC). which manages the website and all the licencing, publishing and distribution aspects for the company.

Why would I want Sounds Dangerous to sell my music directly to Fans when I am already on iTunes?

The best reason is that we will actively seek out new fans for your music. Our 'Find Music' engine is designed to promote our artists on social networking, music and entertainment blogs and other search engines all over the world. We are much more than a retail store and we will collaborate with you to develop your brand, notoriety and product sales.

There is no fee attached to each new song or upload and no 'waiting period for the song to appear in the store'. It will be available from the moment you fill in the data and upload the track. This new track information is also immediately linked to any Client searches within our database.

You can also upload and sell any of your lead sheets, chord charts or song stories (in pdf form)... and we encourage our artists to sell (at your own discretion and price point) quality demos, remixes and or live concerts recordings... because fans, new and old usually want more 'of you'.

As a Sounds Dangerous Artist, what can I upload? Are covers OK?

We only License songs or music when we have the signed agreements from all the rights owners giving us permission to represent them.

And so if you have been granted this (written) permission from 3rd party rights holders and can verify this upon request then we may grant you permission to upload covers.

What kind of rights do I have to give you to sell my music?

The only rights we take are the ones we need to operate the service. For example, the right to host the music you upload, stream, market, lisence and or sell it on your behalf. This is all non-exclusive so that you can sell it through other services if you like.

What type of music does Sounds Dangerous license to Clients?

We license anything that matches the request of a filmmaker, television producer, creative advertising director, web site designer, post production house, video game producer and or other media distributor.

What kinds of uses are possible for my music?

Sounds Dangerous' clients use music in every kind of production including: television, radio, Internet, film, video games, corporate videos and other media. The kinds of use and market forces determine the license fees we charge in each case.

What happens when my music gets used?

Dangerous Distribution will grant a license to a client for a specific use (film, television, etc.) and for a specific period of time which could be for a few months or a year. Within forty five (45) days of receiving the license fee, Dangerous Distribution will deposit your share into your designated PayPal account.

Do I get to approve where and when my song can be used?

No. Your agreement with Dangerous Distribution allows us to license your music to any client who is willing to pay a license fee for its use. The agreement you sign with Dangerous Distribution pre-clears all of your music for potential licensing. Pre-clearance is a strong selling point for our clients who are more likely to use music that causes them less hassle.

What happens if I get a record or publishing deal in the future?

You must inform the record or publishing company that you have signed certain songs to Dangerous Distribution for a specific term. You may write to Dangerous Distribution concerning the termination of this agreement. Depending on any Client interest Dangerous Distribution management will act at its discretion.

If however you sign an exclusive agreement with (say) a record label or publishing company (which includes songs you have signed with Dangerous Distribution), you will then have contravened the Dangerous Distribution agreement and you, your new label (etc) and or your attorney must contact us immediately.

What if I already have a record or publishing deal?

Dangerous Distribution needs the permission of every person or company that has control over the copyright in the sound recordings and songs that you wish to license to Dangerous Distribution. This includes your record company and music publishing company.

The written consent of all parties is required for Dangerous Distribution to place the music. If necessary, Dangerous Distribution will provide the label or publisher with a separate License Agreement.

Or your label signs up with Sounds Damgerous as your representative.

Does Sounds Dangerous re-title songs or tracks?

No! Sounds Dangerous is all about promoting the Artist to Clients and Fans. And so when a song title is used in a film, TV show or Ad we let the world know so that Fans can buy more of your music.

Why do I need to join a performing right organization (such as ASCAP or BMI)?

The only way you can receive the performance royalties is by being a member of one of these entities. Before joining any of the PRO's you should consider which territory (country) you work in (and or your music is featured predominantly) and or which PRO will serve you best. Each has its strength and weaknesses and you can visit each PRO website to learn more about them.