At Sounds Dangerous we define Artists as anyone directly involved in the creation and or production of audio content such as Recording Artists (Solo or Group), Music Labels and Publishers, Songwriters, Composers, Sound Designers, Music Producers, Musicians, Singers and Sound Engineers.

We value our artists

Sounds Dangerous is a sales, marketing and distribution platform that helps Artists discover and then nurture fans/clients towards multiple content revenue streams.

Using our Find Music 'Search and Retrieve Data Engine' we can help each Artist break down all the key search elements within a song, track or project to first construct and then promote a unique content DNA to fans and clients searching for similar content.

We need you

If you are a recording artist, label, songwriter and or composer and you own the rights to your publishing and music tracks, Sounds Dangerous can partner with you to promote, license and or up-sell (write/produce for a specific scene/project) your music to a global TV, Film, Advertising and emerging Digital Media market.

If you are any of the above and or a music producer, studio engineer, studio musician, singer or sound designer, Sounds Dangerous can contract your services on a work-for-hire basis on any of our Custom Music productions and or Client Productions.

We are always looking to partner with new Artists and if you are interested to know more about the specific ways we can work together click here.

Do you sound dangerous enough?

Sounds Dangerous is very selective as to which Artists ‘make it’ into the catalog and or Custom Production Team, however we encourage you to submit material and or resume’s because... you never know... you may have just what we are looking for.