Jeff Crabtree is a speaker, author, filmmaker and multi award winning songwriter and music producer. He has written or co written the scripts for 6 theatrical productions that have played before audiences that have collectively exceeded 30,000 people and has co written and co-produced music that has travelled the world on a major airline, as well as music for film and television in Australia, including the theme for the 2007 Australian Design Awards. Together with his wife he is the author of Living with A Creative Mind, a survival guide for creative practitioners and their colleagues.

His keyboard playing can be heard on 60 commercially released recordings and over 30 pieces of music for television and corporate video and major events. He has credits as producer or co-producer on 23 albums and 25 other commercial projects including the last five Prayerworks albums released internationally since 1998. In 2004 he co-produced his first movie, made for DVD entitled “One Day” – one hour of beautiful images filmed on location in NSW and set to the music of SANTE, one of his current musical projects. He is an accomplished piano player and keyboardist and has played in over 15 bands.

He moonlights as a blues performer and has released two live recordings of original Rhythm and Blues songs under the working name of his band: Doctor Bob and the Amazing Disciples of Groove. Dr Bob is back at it again with a third album being mixed in the next few months. He has toured internationally to New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Germany, Holland, Russia, Central and South America, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

As a composer, Jeff has had 89 songs recorded on 26 commercially released recordings to date and has been awarded 4 international awards for songwriting. One of his recent projects is the score for a new Australian film Orphans On Wall Street slated for release in 2013.

For 16 years he was the Principal of the School of Creative Arts located in a 16 million dollar complex on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. In that position, he was responsible for the management and direction of around 250 students and over 45 staff and for the implementation of some of the most innovative creative arts training programs in Australia with courses in Musicianship, Vocals, Songwriting, Acting and Theatre Craft, Dance, Visual Arts and Film and Television.

He is now a founding director of The Zebra Collective – an innovative online creative arts portal which is crowd sourcing the best inside advice for anyone involved in the creative industries, or for anyone looking for how promote innovation..