How do I become a Sounds Dangerous Client?

Firstly you must be a professional in the Television, Motion Picture, Advertising, Video Game, Post-Production, Corporate Events/Training, Sales & Marketing, Digital/Social Media or other similar industry that may have interest in the products and services provided by SD.

Signing up for an SD Client membership couldn’t be easier. We just need some basic info about you and your company and we’ll take it from there!

The first step is to click the ‘Sign Up’ tab on the Sounds Dangerous home page. Then click “Sign up as a Client” and fill out the required fields of info. Read the membership agreement… and if you understand and are happy to proceed… Click “Next Step”…. Then we’ll provide you with your own ‘private’ Client’s page and full Client access to the SD Website.

Client Member Benefits are?

Our Find Music system is easy to use… and designed to help you find either the right song or track… and or Artist (composer, songwriter, producer, sound designer, audio engineer/editor) to write and or produce original music/audio for your project.

Once you have logged in to your Client’s page can search the catalog, listen to songs/tracks and download mp3 files for pre-production purposes. As a client you can create Collections or multiple folders of ‘favorites’ to share with others within the production circle (directors, producers, other clients etc). Once a license agreement has been signed a Client can then download a high quality WAV or AIFF file.

If you can’t find the perfect piece of music you can contact us we’ll scour the universe to find the perfect Artist match for you. Then we’ll over see the creative and production process to ensure that you get the music, sound design and finished product to your satisfaction.

As a Client you are also provided direct access to Artists working on ‘your’ project.

Once either a license or a Custom (original) project has been approved you may (at your creative will) edit any SD music files to sync with video productions (and the like).

Why wasn't my account approved?

Accounts are approved on a case-by-case basis and if you are a professional music licensee, and your account was not immediately approved, please feel free to email us at

What makes Sounds Dangerous different from other music production and music library services?

While our moniker ‘Sounds Dangerous’ suggests a daredevil approach to business (which may be true for some of our in house projects) we are very careful when selecting artists and their songs/tracks for our catalog. While there are many music libraries in the market place that offer professional services to their clients, we are not seeking quantity from our artists but heart and soul quality. It is important to us that each song or track in the Sounds Dangerous music catalog does more than just fill a placement or sync license.

Sounds Dangerous provides a portal for some of the most experienced and musically interesting songwriters, composers and sound designers working out of Hollywood and the major music markets of New York, Nashville, London, Sydney, Paris and Zurich. We are constantly adding new Artists and music to our catalog to meet both the Clients needs and the current trends in the advertising, film and television industries.

We keep our creative (and producers) ears to the ground and are constantly updating our catalog with fresh songs, compositions and or alternative mixes or versions from our ever-growing tribe of Artists.

Does Sounds Dangerous act as an agent for songwriters and composers for custom music production?

In a way… Yes… As well as the music catalog, Sounds Dangerous also acts as an agent for songwriters, Music Composers, Sound Designers and Producers to provide custom productions and live Events for our Clients. However we are not just a creative dating agency, once we agree to take on your project, we will also manage it through to completion to ensure that the Artist provides you with the final product you contracted us for.

What do you mean by custom production?

Basically this means either creating a new song or original piece of music from scratch for your project. Maybe you need a song written and produced for a specific scene…. Or you may need specific sound design to match the visuals of your video… and or a higher quality post-audio mix for the whole project. Or maybe your Event needs a little bit of Hollywood flair… like a ‘celebrity’ artist or musician (they are usually no more than a call away) or a specific type of singer, performer or higher quality musicians or production.

What does Sounds Like mean?

This is where we have our artists write and produce a song/track that sounds just like that timeless classic or hit song from your favorite artist. Why would you want this? Well first there’s the cost factor; with savings up to 90% of that ‘Hit Song’ License fee. Then there is the problem of clearing all the licenses (as each writer, publisher, artist and or label must grant written permission)… And perhaps the better reason to have a custom song written and produced for you is that the lyrics, genre, mood, instrumentation, vocals and production elements can be designed to match the needs of your project.

We have written custom ‘sounds like’ music for hundreds of scenes or Ad spots… which includes CSI, Without a Trace, Las Vegas, Avon, One Tree Hill, Brothers and Sisters, Sex in the City and so on.

AND… quite often we are able to hire the ‘sidemen’ musicians who played on the original recording… a great up-sell to some of our Clients.

What defines ‘work for hire’?

This is where you, the Client, commission SD to produce a custom production or ‘new work’ for your project with the intention that you will own the finished product. And why would you want to own it? Because you want it exclusively for your project, so that no one else can use it.

Why does ‘work for hire’ raise the price of a Custom Production?

Because, unlike having a license fee for song or track in a catalog a ‘work for hire’ commission is often the only time SD and the Artist can make any money out of the production. If your only concern is for the custom track to be ‘for your use only’, we can set a time-period that gives you some exclusivity (e.g. 12 months) and once your project has been broadcast we can then place the track into our catalog. This kind of arrangement can reduce your costs and it encourages the artist to give his/her best work to your project. If on the other hand you need more control over the ‘work’ we understand and will create an agreement to meet your project’s demands.

What is the Custom production process?

We like the term collaboration, which comes from the concept of ‘co-labor’… and while we may be the ‘music experts’ our role is to work with you to create the right ‘voice or sound’ for your project.

Our preferred method is to have a face to face… we talk music… favorite artists… film/Tv/Ads you liked and why you liked them.

However… when the face to face is not possible we begin (via email, phone or skype) by asking you a bunch of questions about your project. When we think we have a concept of your needs we send you a link to a folder of music and songs (from our catalog and or our artist’s workbench) that we feel have some similarities to your project. We also invite you to send us your own examples of the type of song/music/sound you like (favorite artists, songs, music clips, movies, ads etc).

When ‘both parties’ are confident that we are on the same planet and speaking the same language we then identify the artists that have the genre, skills and experience to write and produce your project. Once we fully understand the scope of your production needs we will provide you a quote and a custom production and or license agreement.

What is the cost of a Custom production?

There is no definitive answer to this and a lot depends on you and your production expectations. It is generally less expensive to license a song or track from the SD catalog. Factors determining the price of a custom work includes the amount of difficulty involved, the level of songwriter/composer/sound designer required, the number of instruments/tracks in the project and how much time it will take to wade through the writing and re-writing process to meet with your approval. Finally there is the studio time for recording and mixing and then the review process and any additional time making changes so that you get a quality finished product.

There is also the ‘celebrity’ factor e.g. When you want the horn section from Chicago or Earth Wind and Fire, the price goes up… but so does the wow factor.

Does Sounds Dangerous produce live events?

Yes! We have been involved in event production since the beginning of time (or so it seems). From small corporate Parties in LA, Branded Functions for featuring musicians from the bands of Keith Richards, Timothy B Schmidt and the Beach Boys to major promotion events in Stadiums (Pope John Paul’s tour of the US).

Do I have to obtain clearance from the artists to use their music?

No, we have already done that for you. You can consider Sounds Dangerous as a one-stop music licensing shop. All this music is pre-cleared. This means that any time you license a song or track from SD you immediately obtain master and synchronization rights to use the song/track in your production.

You are based in Hollywood. Does this mean you only work with US based Clients?

Oh contraire! We have been serving our ‘foreign clients for years out of our Hollywood base. We have clients in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. We also have artists and studio partners in major music markets around the world and we have opened an office in Sydney (Australia) and Kreuzlingen (Switzerland) to develop deeper Client relationships and to expand or ‘foreign’ territory footprint.